Department of Pharmacology


“ Pharmacology is benefited by the prepared mind .You need to know what you are looking for “

                                                                         -  Siddhartha Mukhraji


Department of Pharmacology is strongly devoted to provide our excellent programmes in teaching, research and service and it is committed to the development of leadership, innovation and scholarly excellence.

Objectives of department is to impart knowledge to the students in the area of history and development of pharmacology through the ages, defining drugs with their mechanism of action and rational use, laws that regulate the drugs and procedure for getting new drug to the market.


Development of clinical interest by hands on training of writing prescription, problem based learning, case based learning, communication skills with patients are areas of focus for undergraduate students.


Department of Pharmacology also involved in pharmacovigilance programme for drug safety monitoring and has advisory role in pharmacy and therapeutic, animal ethics, human ethics, NABH accreditation, Hospital formulary and infection control.