Department of Community Medicine


Community Medicine is to study health and diseases in a defined community and the practice of medicine in such a setting. This is a branch of medicine, concerned with the maintenance of good health of all the members of the community.


 The Community Medicine Department is committed to educating medical students to be community responsive primary care physicians who meet the health care needs of the community and the country, including urban and rural, medically underserved communities.

We teach students how to maintain, promote, protect, improve and restore the health status of families in the community. Our main emphasis is on early diagnosis, recognition of environmental & occupational hazards and prevention of diseases in population so as to achieve good heath of the community.


Teaching and training in community medicine is aimed to prepare undergraduate students to function as competent public health specialists with capabilities to function as leader of health group, provide health care at primary, secondary and tertiary level.


The curriculum of community medicine is developed in pursuance of recommendations of MCI and the training commences from first MBBS and continues till third MBBS Part I and also in Internship. The teaching/ training activities of community medicine includes didactic lectures, demonstrations, tutorials, Case presentation & discussion, integrated Seminar, Institutional clinical meeting, laboratory sessions in Public Health chemistry, Microbiology, Entomology, field visits, family surveys and out-reach health care training at urban, rural and primary health centres.


Training in Community Medicine should be community-based and in close association with local health systems to enable understanding of community health issues and acquisition of skills to manage the same.