College responsibilities


 1) It is the responsibility of college administration that their students meet certain level of professional behavior including attitude, ethics and communication skill at the end of MBBS programme.


 2) Institute should prepare students to serve the society in the manner of honesty, dignity, reliability and responsibility towards patients and families.


 3) Students should be aware of ethics of medical practice having knowledge in all areas of medico-legal aspects.


 4) All powers related to disciplinary action are with Principal & Controller. He/she may appoint any official or committee to observe discipline in the campus.


 5) Without prejudice to the generality of power to enforce discipline under the regulations, the following shall amount to acts of gross indiscipline: any violation of the provisions of the Civil Rights Protection Act 1976, violation of the status, dignity and honor of any student, any practice, whether verbal or otherwise, derogatory to women, any attempt of bribery or corruption in any manner, or willful destruction of the college property, creating ill will or intolerance on religious or communal grounds.


 6) In the interest of college discipline and dignity, college administration can fine, debar or terminate any student found to be indulge in any unlawful act.


 7) College should provide proper academic environment for students. For that timely evaluation of academic programme should be done.


 8) College should appoint mentors for every student to groom their academic performance by conducting mentorship programme.


 9) College should provide facilities and space for extracurricular activities contributing to physical and mental well being of students.